Pride of the Plains double truck ad

Quinter C of C dbl trck PoP final 03-20-16

The newspaper’s annual Progress edition — which examines mainly economic change in the region — was re-titled this year to Pride of the Plains. The tabloid publication includes a full-color double truck ad space, which this year was purchased by the Quinter, Kan., Chamber of Commerce. That meant building the spread from scratch, rather than using a previous year’s ad as a template, as we usually do with double-trucks.

That gave me the opportunity to easily create style sheets for the text, which made it much easier to type the business names and contact numbers for the listings on the right-hand side. I made the boxes by first drawing one large box over the space, setting the swatches and transparency to where I wanted, then using the InDesign make grid script to divide it into the smaller boxes.

The background photo is of Castle Rock, a landmark near the community, that I found on Thinkstock. The other photos and Quinter logo were provided by the Chamber of Commerce. I created the banner by using a vector clip-art banner and InDesign’s pathfinder function with the text.

There needed to be two major revisions after we were “finished,” due to some requirements from the client, but I’m pleased with how well the process went.

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