Online Competition

It was suggested by a colleague recently that the Let Us Create ads I did awhile ago could use some updates, as some of the publication samples used in that ad have changed designs.

Rather than just replaOnline Competitionce the images, I decide the ad needed a new look and theme. I’ve been really tired of all the clutter in my social media newsfeeds lately, and I drew on that for inspiration for the refresh on this ad.

My first draft of the ad had much less text. When I initially showed it to my boss, she thought it was great, but had a suggestion to show it to someone in the newsroom for feedback. Both she and I, and others in the advertising department, are familiar with the specialty products we can and do produce for clients, so she wanted to make sure what we were advertising with this was clear.

I took it to one of our newer reporters and asked what she thought we were advertising; she thought it publicizing what we do online. So that told me I needed to add a bit more explanation.


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