Memories of murder victims still strong after 42 years

WaKEENEY — The years might have faded the photograph next to the entrance to the Ellis High School gym, but the feelings still are as strong as ever — even for some who never met Paula Fabrizius.

In 1976, the 16-year-old Ellis cheerleader was abducted and murdered by Francis Donald Nemechek. She was the fifth of his victims in a nearly two-year time span. He was convicted in 1977 and sentenced for the deaths of Fabrizius; Carla Baker, 20, Hays; and Cheryl Young, 21, her son, Guy, 2, and Diane Lovette, 19, all of Fort Madison, Iowa, who were abducted and killed after they stopped on Interstate 70 with a flat tire.

In June, for the fifth time, the Kansas Prisoner Review Board will determine if Nemechek will be released on parole or stay in prison to complete his consecutive five life sentences.

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