It draws me back in


I’ve begun writing for my newspaper again.

It feels really good.

I am still working in the advertising department, too. I still enjoy doing that, and we have some long-term projects in the works and it wouldn’t be right to pile training someone new while dealing with those.

Our newsroom is short on staff right now. A long-time reporter (all-around hard news) recently retired, the young reporter on staff moved closer to her hometown in another state, and the education reporter is going to retire this summer. A former sports reporter has come back as a news reporter, and another former reporter is working part-time covering local government. The managing editor has been covering some recent trials.

We are at a slow point right now in my department, so I thought I’d help out with some feature writing for a couple months at least. Work will likely pick up this summer for us, and hopefully the newsroom can add a reporter or two by then. If not, I’ll evaluate how much time I can give to writing and do what I can.

I’ve been enjoying it. It’s good to write again, and this time, I have the tools to use video as a reporting tool, too.

I will be posting the articles, videos and photos in the portfolio section.

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