Design challege — Part III

In the last post, I showed how created some of the design details for a calendar of events one of our clients wants to sponsor, and how to use a script in InDesign CS2 to create a grid. Now, I’ll get into creating the backgrounds for the calendar items and setting up style sheets for easier text handling.

First, the main part of the ad, where the text for the events will go. I divided the page into two columns (Layout menu/Margins and Columns). The gutter is only p6, but I think it will work since the text will be ragged right.

I drew a text box in the left column, then set that for 3 columns (Object/Text Frame Options) with a bit wider gutters (6 pt). I duplicated that, resized it, and duplicated that one for the two text boxes in the right page column. Each text box was then set to have three columns.

Each text box represents a different month, so each needs a header and a different color. I drew text boxes for the headers first, and created gradient fills for them (go to the swatches panel and choose “new gradient swatch” from the flyout menu). Then I typed the months, setting the left margin (Type menu, tabs) in a little bit so the letters aren’t right up against the edge. Then I copied and pasted the text, changing the month, for each header. I then drew boxes as backgrounds for each month’s text and gave them matching gradients, which I also set a transparency on to make the text easier to read.

Now that that is set up, I’m going back to the bottom section (do you get the feeling I have a short attention span?) Actually, I have a good reason. The calendar items are color coordinated with the locations. So I need to set those up, first. I type the info for the first location, setting up paragraph styles as I do so. I want to be able to have each text box set so when I start typing, it will be set in the style for the name of the organization, then switch to the style for it’s address. That’s done by using the “next style” option in the Paragraph Style general settings.

For the lower right box, the client wanted a Memorial Day greeting, so I found some appropriate artwork on Metro. Then I added a letter to each box, giving each one a different color. When we enter the text for the calendar, it will be color-coordinated to these letters. You’ll see, in the next installment.

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