Live video is increasingly becoming a reporting tool for even small newspapers like mine. We’ve done several Facebook live events for both breaking news, community events, promotions and just for fun. This page will be updated with new livestreams periodically, so come back and see what’s new.


It’s been very dry in our region, and in March 2017, we had a series of wildfires. My co-workers reported on some with live video with their phones, but due to the high winds, you could not even hear what they were reporting. We don’t have a budget for a lot of equipment, so on this one, I took my iPhone earbuds and held its microphone cupped in my hand to help get better audio.

Knockerball fundraiser

After destructive tornadoes near our area, many people and businesses raised funds and collected items for those communities. This fundraiser was starting out a bit slow, so I decided to take one for the team, so to speak, to see if it would bring a few more people out.

Hail storm in WaKeeney

A large thunderstorm moved through Trego County with large destructive hail. I had to wait for the storm to move out before going over there and did this video after talking to a few people.

Ticket giveaway

The HDN is a sponsor of a local Fourth of July festival, and HDN Special Sections Editor Nick McQueen had the idea in summer 2017 to give away tickets through contests on our Facebook page. When it came time to draw the winners, I suggested we make the announcement in a live video rather than simply posting the names. This one was fun, as I played with Switcher Studio to show the answers to the photo contest. I’m hopeful that we might actually use that app for the community discussion livestreams our company is encouraging us to do.