What this blog is about


For most of my adult life, I’ve worked in small-market media, radio and newspaper. One thing I have always been frustrated by is the lack of resources we in these kinds of markets have, especially in the days before the Internet.

Things have improved since since then, but still the “little guys” just still seem to have a lack of opportunity for training, networking, professional development, etc. Sometimes it’s due to the employer’s budget, or a lack of available manpower to take the time off. Other times it’s because the resources that are available often don’t take into account the needs of small-market media outlets can be different than those of the larger ones.

I hope to offer if not a bridge over that gap, then at least a rope we can hold onto. I’ll pass along tutorials that I’ve found useful, tips I’ve found on my own, some cool and fun design things, and some of my own designs. I hope others will join in with sharing their own tips and ideas, too.